Images from Great Smoky Mountains NP Spring Photography Workshop 2017

I’ve been back home a few days now from our recent photography workshop in the Great Smoky Mountains NP. It was sure nice to be in 70 and 80 degree weather (we had one day in the mid 90’s) coming from a long cool winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Bill Fortney and I were really lucky to have had one of the best groups we’ve had in years for this workshop. They all really bought into the creative aspect of photography, something we preach these days. Slow Down, Simplify are the order of the day.

We encourage everyone to enjoy the locations, the experience and the “art” of making the image every bit as much as the final image itself. This group really got it! Below are a few images I made during the week. Luckily I had an extra day before and after the workshop ended to make some images. Bill and I spend a good part of our time in the field instructing, not shooting as it should be! Enjoy—JG











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