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I am really humbled (truly an understatement) to be a member of a group of professional landscape photographers comprised of friends and acquaintances from around the world. It’s a very small group, consisting of some of the finest professional landscape shooters anywhere in our universe. We are all connected by our love of the land and share the inspiration we take from it.
3 ebooks by jack Graham
  Purchase all 3 E-books (Series 1: Prepare / Shoot / Process; Series 2: In All We See; and Journey Through Photography) ONLY $22.00  
prepare, shoot, process
Series one of my E-Book Series encompasses three important steps in making quality photographs: PREPARATION, PHOTOGRAPHING AND PROCESSING.  All three essays are delivered in PDF format VIA DOWNLOAD upon purchase.
journey through photography
Here in my third E-Book, Journey Through Photography, I have compiled seven essays that delve into what I like to call the “cognitive aspects” of photography. What separates average from good photographers is not the equipment or good technique. It’s learning to think as a photographer.
in all we see
Series TWO of my E-Book Series encompasses more important steps in making quality photographs, valuable information on seeing images and working on the long process of developing your personal vision. All 5 essays and numerous images are delivered in PDF format VIA DOWNLOAD upon purchase.

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