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After each workshop I send out a "Post Workshop Questioner" asking attendees for their input on workshops. Many of the quotes below are from these questioners. When you see referrals from workshop leaders like myself, you only see the good ones. Have we had some unhappy folks? Of course. Anyone who tells you they never had a unhappy customer is lying. However, I can honestly say that about 90% of these questioners I get back are positive.  My workshop attendee return rate every year is about 30%. I take a lot of pride in that.


Below are just a few referrals from over the years.  Please contact me if you would like to talk with some past attendees who have offered a telephone referral if you wish. Thank you again for considering one of my workshops. --JG



Check out this VIDEO, filmed and edited by one of my workshop attendees, Judith Richey, gives you an idea of what it's like to attend one of my workshops. Watching this was a  moving experience for me!


For more information on the ins and outs of a photographic workshop and what you should expect from one, watch this video: NIK Hangout On Air: What to expect from a Photo Workshop, with macro photographer, Mike Moats, and I.







Hi Jack:
I was a participant in your Death Valley Workshop last fall.  I had meant to write to you earlier, but you know how time gets away.  I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed meeting you, and learning from you.  I have taken a good number of workshops over the last ten years or so, and yours was one of them (just kidding-you made me say that).  Seriously, you did an outstanding job.  You are not only an outstanding photographer, but you have great teaching skills and great business skills. 
I spent my working career in sales and marketing, and I see that you have mastered the complete package.  Your attention to detail, before, during, and after the workshop shows that you know your craft well.
I got some great images during the trip, and I had a great time.  How could it get any better?
Thanks for the great week you gave me and the other participants in this great location.
My wife and I are in Scottsdale for the winter.  You mentioned that you might be in the area over the next couple of months.  If you have the time, please give me a call.  We would love to have you over for dinner, and perhaps you and I could spend a few hours pressing the shutters on our D800's.
My phone number is 206-3xx-xxxx  
Best Regards,
Gary H.




I had an awesome time at the workshop. Both  you and Guy are amazing photographers. Even more importantly, you are stellar human beings. The workshop exceeded all my expectations and I had a blast. You should see how much better my Yosemite photos are than they would have been. Of course I lugged the very heavy tripod uphill all day to the waterfalls and used live view. If I am going to do this seriously, I am going to do it seriously. Of course, fun and connecting with the environment and being present always take precedence to making a good photograph, which can only happen if those things are in alignment. 
Anyway, just wanted to say how much I truly love you and Guy and how grateful I am for all your teachings and kindness. You guys seriously rock!!
Can't wait until more fun in Portland. Will have to go to Iceland soon too.!
PS. I am still smiling!!!
My thanks to you, Jack. You put on a truly amazing workshop!  And thanks to all my fellow workshop participants. I couldn't have had a better time.   It was great shooting with each and every one of you.  Please connect with me on Facebook or via email… I'd enjoy staying in touch and seeing your future work--Don 2013
Thanks to Jack and all workshop folks.  Jack, your relaxed, dynamic methodology is right on target, and validated by returning students.  Thanks everyone for a great photo experience.  
Idaho outdoor photography is in abundance, and  I would enjoy sharing this if any of you are in the Boise, Idaho area.
Be Well,  Jim 2013
Your workshop is unquestionably a classic. I have learned more than I can expected and I am looking forward to your future workshops. I enjoyed the good company of all the participants and without the help of Diane bringing back my coat, I would have frozen solid in my way home.--K. Chow 2013
I enjoyed our group and being with them morning, noon and night (even at the dinners). There was enough down time to relax between photo shoots and lessons. This was my first photography workshop and I don’t have anything to compare this workshop to. I have gone to 2 hour in field workshops that were okay but the instructor really didn’t help us much. I think you are an excellent instructor in addition to being a fantastic photographer. I appreciate you taking the time for each of us and helping when need be--Debbie H. 2013


"Your Workshop was the best one I've ever attended & I've been to several. You;re a hands on guy & an excellent teacher. I appreciated that you spent your time in the field helping us rather than shooting like so many instructors do. I plan on signing up for the Ireland workshop in 2014" ---W.C......   Michigan 2013




"Awsome workshop, Learned a lot. You're a great teacher with infinite patience & enthusiastic, energic love of photography. I can't than you enough...Can't wait to retire to have the time to do another workshop"....Tom H, S. California 2013





I considered myself a serious photographer and had attended a few workshops provided by others before I attended my first Jack Graham workshop.  However, it was Jack who finally got through to me and inspired me to change much of how I go about making images.  It was not until I attended a Jack Graham workshop that I began to employ many of the methods of a serious photographer.  In addition to the great teaching he provides at his workshops, the post-workshop support he provides is like no other I have seen.-KENT K. , Mesa AZ



……This was my first trip with Jack, all I can say it was a GREAT trip! Jack is a fantastic, patient instructor. He provides some great insight to more seasoned photographer and yet he can breakdown photography basics making the concept easy for a beginning photographer to understand. Jack is there to help his students, he is not off shooting on his own. I would highly recommend going out with Jack on one of his workshops. …David B., Glendora, Ca
A workshop attendee posted this on his facebook page and had some nice things to say:.. read on:
Hi Jack,
Jay tagged you in a post.


I could almost start a personal portfolio entitled: The Magic of Yoong (Kah Kit Yoong)

There are so many wonderful photographers from whom I draw inspiration - I enjoy cybering through their sites loosing myself in their landscape/fine art images. To name a few - in no particular order - I would recommend to YOU, my Friends, photographers whose works inspire me and I have had personal (face to face or significant chatting) interaction with (there are many here on FB whom are inspirational and I have not had interactions - hope to do so in the future): Alister Benn, Hilary Hann, Valerie Millett, Joel Tjintjelaar, Guy Tal, Phil Colla, Robert Glenn Ketchum, and Tony Kuyper. Apologies to those who know my feeling and I have not named.

Returning to The Magic of Yoong, Kah Kit was there for me over an 18 day period during his amazing New Zealand Workshop after I had decided to transition from birds in flight to landscape photography. His eye, attention to detail, processing techniques, and teaching by showing and not directing puts him, for me, into a very special group: those photographers whom are second to none and there is no ranking amongst them - they are all firsts! I met Jack Graham in 2009, Kah Kit in 2011, and Charles Glatzer ( this year. To all of you striving to raise your "bar" as I am, these three are amongst the exceptional. If you want to expedite your learning curve there is simply no substitute for personal interaction with Master Photographers of this caliber. Enjoy their websites; learn from them.

The image below is but one of hundreds of examples why I have a personal portfolio - The Magic of Yoong. It was captured when we were together in NZ. Lots can capture the scene; Kah Kit captured the Freedom (yeah, I love this image!)."

"I needed a workshop that could give me a chance to work on both the technical and aesthetic sides of photography, and this one satisfied that need perfectly. Jack & Greg are two of the most knowledgeable leaders I've ever had at a photo workshop. There was never a question that they couldn't answer."--Tom G, North Carolina


"With all the valuable information given before the workshop, the locations taken to during the workshop with the ability to change with weather conditions, the useful information given while in the field, and the offer to critique images even after the workshop is over; if there were awards for workshops (like Emmy’s and Oscar’s) yours should be up for nomination as the most complete workshop". ---Ron B, California
Comments:( from post workshop questioner)
The small group size was perfect for getting people organized and being able to move to other locations if needed, it also allowed for more interaction with the instructor.
Jack knew the areas we were shooting very well and also was able to change locations quickly if a location wasn’t going to work out.
The location was great; I’ve lived in Ohio for 40 years and never been to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Jack was very knowledgeable of the area and all aspects of photography. I feel very comfortable with the camera technically; I wanted to improve my composition skills which I feel Jack was able to help me with.... Tom R. Toledo, OH
This was an excellent workshop experience, on a par with the best of the many workshops I have attended. Jack obviously has thorough knowledge of the locations photographed, and also obviously scouted them out in the days before the workshop to see which areas were best regarding fall foliage, etc. With all the pre-workshop info provided about locations, weather, equipment and gear suggestions, with all the motel and park permit arrangements, and with all the daily personal attention to be sure that each attendee was happy and getting what he/she wanted out of it, it was obvious how much work, care and attention Jack puts into the workshops which bear his name. Highly recommended. I’ll be doing it again. --------------Paul B, MD, Connecticut

 Jack, I had a fantastic time at the workshop. I feel like I started to put everything together and produce some fairly decent pictures. I will definitely see you again in the near future. I can't thank you enough for the time and effort you put in to the workshop and fake care and I'll see you again soon!....................................Paige….Texas


Hi from Bob and Penny:

I am just now starting to work on our workshop pictures.  I never like to look at my images when I first get
home because I get very negative and then they start looking better.  Just wanted to share these with you
and tell you we loved being with you and hopefully will see you on another workshop.

From: Mark P. 
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 8:17 PM
To: Jack Graham
Subject: Thanks again!
Importance: High
Thanks again for coming by last night and delighting the MEG crowd. It was great finally meeting you.
I received some nice feedback. Here is an email sent to me by one member today:

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to manage/coordinate/& everything-else-you-do for MEG and for bringing photographers like Jack Graham in to our meetings. I always learn something new and really appreciate it.

This is what makes it all worthwhile..............Mark

"The Chief Enthusiast" /Owner  /  Midwest Photography Enthusiasts Group (MEG) 

From: C J
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2011 7:59 PM
To: Jack Graham
Subject: Workshop


........Hey Jack, thanks for the informative and most helpful one on one - I really got a lot out of it. Not only was the time well spent, but you are great company!

I bit the bullet and bought the Nike Software with your discount - can't wait for its arrival.




From Stan & Bonnie Z,..... Wisconsin------  July 2011 (part of my post workshop questioner)

 I really enjoyed the workshop, we had a great group of people and I’m hoping to keep in touch with them and maybe see them at another workshop. 
Liked having an itinerary and that the workshop was structured, we always knew what was happening day to day, even though weather could change things a little. The locations that you chose for the shoots were great and easy to get to; it’s obvious you know the area well. Also nice that we shot different things and you were open to suggestions about things we wanted to shoot while we were out. Critiques were definitely good and needed so we could improve our shots every day. Your opinions/knowledge of photography and enthusiasm are great, I looked forward to every day of the workshop.
I learned some new things, definitely improved my skills and know what I need to work on to make my images better, including knowing my equipment better…..think you may have mentioned that a few times on the workshop! Good suggestion, having only had this camera for a couple of months I know I need to do that! 
I came back home excited to learn more and get out with my camera as much as I can! After seeing how many images I have I need to work on not taking as many shots as I do…………maybe someday :>).



From Lynn K, Buffalo, NY---please click on this link:




Oregon Coast---July 2011
Hi Jack,
    I just wanted to let you know what a marvelous time I had on the Oregon workshop!  We had a good group of folks, and I really enjoyed your style of instruction which made things quite fun.  
    I have just started to process some images.  I have some pretty nice scenic shots(at least for me LOL) and my Foxglove images are drop dead-yeah!  Anyway I hope to join you on another workshop in the future.  My mind is turning to venturing to Maine next summer or maybe the Palouse.  Funny that I'm already planning for next summer!  Have a great evening, Jack!


One on One individual 2 day workshop Oregon Coast/ Columbia River Gorge July 2011

From: A. M.
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 7:28 PM
To: Jack Graham
Subject: Re: coming workshop
I arrived home a few hours ago. This time the flights were timely
I am tired after the grueling schedule, but so glad with the images that I got. It was very worth it. Your help and guidance was invaluable.. I hope to visit you again soon. Also, make some time to visit us in New Orleans and have fun.
Take care,


From: Don Dennis
Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2011 11:13 AM
To: Jack Graham Photography
Subject: SW Photo Workshop
As I am sitting here post processing photos from the SW Photography Workshop I am reliving every incredible moment.  I can remember taking almost every shot and the clean air (except for the dust storm) and sounds along with the sights of the environment that make this place so amazing.  As beautiful as the photos are, if I may say so myself, they still can never quite capture the complete experience of being there.
Your instruction and personal guidance reinforced on an hourly basis every day while has made me a better photographer.  Your driving personality made me work harder, do more, think more, and even shoot a little less and has resulted in some great shots.  I am reminded of that trek around the sand dune with the 60 mph winds blowing the dust into my ears and nose and mouth, walking up and down in the sand to get that shot of Totem Pole with the rippled sand dune as an anchor.
Thank you for your mentoring.  It is also nice to know that it does not end here.  I will be sending you a link to some photos to critique as soon as I can pick the best of my work.  I look for to continuing to learn as I received your constructive criticism.
I will be signing up for another of your Workshops soon and have already recommended them to a photographer from Canada while at Bryce.
I would also like to get out to the Portland area to experience a few of the great photo opportunity you have there.
All the Best,
Don D.




I appreciate that you take your teaching role seriously., I learned a lot. The workshop was an excellent leaning experience. Jack put a lot of energy into helping his students grow as photographers.10/25/2010

Mike L. , Fresno Calif. ( Eastern Sierra Workshop October 2010)




Hello my name is Greg D.,

I am an amateur photographer who has attended several Jack Graham photo workshops in the last three years. I developed an interest in photography as a young man working in my father’s newspaper business (late ’70). This became work and I lost interest after some years. In 2004 I purchased a digital camera and once again was very excited about shooting. However the digital transformation became confusing and frustrating. So there I was in my early 40’s with a great digital camera, time and resources to pursue my passion. But I was very frustrated with the learning curve. What to do? After reading a few books and taking some online photo courses I begin to gain confidence in my abilities but I was not content. So I looked into photo workshops and came across a workshop scheduled to photograph in the Eastern Sierras. Jack Graham was leading this workshop; I had no idea who Jack Graham was. I looked at his photos on the Internet and liked the area he was offering the workshop in, so I signed up. There are a few times in life were you can look back and pin point a significant change of direction. Meeting Jack Graham and attending his workshop is one of those times for me. It all came together. My photography has grown into a fun and rewarding art form. Due mostly from attending “Jack Graham” workshops and his continued invest of time in the post workshop experience. I owe Jack a great deal; he enabled me to see the passion of photography and took the frustration out of getting there. I still have a lot to learn and I will be attending many more of Jack’s photo outings. I highly recommend them.
Greg D.

From: mylo begay
Sent: Monday, May 03, 2010 9:05 PM
To: Jack Graham
Subject: Re: Workshop
Hey Jack!
Glad you and the participants had a great time. I'll always remember waiting for the light and how the beams just blew through on our tour. That was a miracle!
Loved being your guide in Upper Antelope!
Yeah I'll write more later. I'm sure 2-3 days out here wouldn't be to hard to plan.
Thanks bud,
From: A, Mary
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2009 4:08 PM
To: Jack Graham
Subject: RE: Workshop
Hi Jack –
P…r and I feel very fortunate to have had the experience we did with you.  I’m sure it is rare to get such focused personalized attention and I can’t imagine a better way to build a strong foundation.
FROM:  Ron S.
DATE:  March 25, 2009
I had the privilege of attending two of Jack Graham’s workshops in the last couple of years.
I had attended a few other workshops prior to attending Jack Graham’s. His workshops are very well organized. Right from the initial inquiry to the completed workshop, he was always quick to help in any way he could. He sent me a list of items needed or recommended for any type of weather conditions I might expect to encounter. He also sent me a list of equipment that would be helpful to have on his workshop. He never pressured me to purchase any type of equipment, but said he would help me use the equipment I already had. A few attendees had minimal equipment, yet were able to still get great images with his help.
He kept me informed on expected weather conditions starting several weeks prior to the actual workshop. He also gave me the name of a weather data base ( he used at that time, to help me determine possible weather condition for any time of day & I still use it. The first workshop of his I attended was mostly in the rain. He provided everyone with huge GLAD type bags to cover the cameras while on the tripods in the rain. They were like 5 gal size bags.
His workshop would start as early as 6:30 am & continue until about 10:30 pm. We would start the day with everyone meeting at a predetermined location, discuss what the plans were for the day & head out to our first location. He was very flexible with the wishes of the group & he never pressured us to move on until we were ready.
The last workshop of his that I attended included an extra day where we could spend the day on an Amish farm. He had met & became friends with an Amish family in central Ohio. From that, he was able to get permission for us to spend the day on the farm photographing them & the farm, followed by them serving us a fabulous Amish dinner & even them singing to us following dinner. What an exciting & rare experience.
I could go on & on about how great his workshops are. Jack is a great instructor, fun to be around, & takes the time to work with anyone in getting great images. He never just took us to shooting locations & left us alone, but instead, worked with us to get the great images that were there for the taking. I fully intend on doing another one with him in the very near future.
Sincerely,   Ron Ss.
TO:Whom it May Concern
FROM:Marty, Chevy Chase, MD
DATE: March 25, 2008
SUBJECT:  Recommendation for Jack Graham
In February 2008, I did a two-day private workshop with professional landscape photographer Jack Graham, who was a terrific instructor. Some key lessons that I learned in working with Jack included:
1.  No matter how tired you are, it's worth getting up 20 minutes earlier and stumbling in the dark with a flashlight so that you are positioned and ready while it's still dark BEFORE the morning light show begins.
2.  Under shooting conditions where the light is changing very rapidly, you are sometimes better off shooting on A, rather than M as I usually shoot, so that you can save a few seconds while still controlling DOF.
3.  In a shot with a deep DOF, when using a small aperture, Jack taught me to focus 1/3 to 1/4 up from the bottom, rather than on the main subject, so that you take account of hyper focal distance and have the whole frame in focus, rather than a focus on just the main subject with a blurry foreground.
4.  There is great value in working with a pro, who "sees" for a living -- Jack kept reminding me to see patterns and lines and to "work the patterns" in my photos, in addition to shooting "grand landscapes."
I learned a LOT working with Jack, and would highly recommend that you attend one of his workshops in the future
Please let me know if you need any additional information.
I have attended several of Jack Graham’s workshops. What a great experience. Jack made his workshops the most memorable and enjoyable workshops I have ever attended. Communication was great from the time I expressed interest in attending right to the end of the workshop. He sent me a list of items he suggested I bring as well as an agenda on what, where and approximate times we would be shooting in various locations. That was great.
We would meet early in the morning for some instructions, and then set out for a day of great shooting & instruction. In the evenings, we would get together to discuss what we did that day. He would also critique our images we shot during that day. What a great learning experience that was.
Jack also encouraged us to bring, to the workshop, a variety of our own images so he could review, critique & offer advice on how our images could be improved. This was very informative and helpful.
We had every kind of weather from heavy rain & cold temperatures to bright sunny skies. Jack even gave everyone large plastic bags to protect our cameras in the rain. Jack did not use the time out in the field to get pictures for himself, but instead made himself available for help in any way we needed as well as advice on how a scene might be shot & the importance of looking around and thinking about what, why and how we would shoot a particular scene instead of just planting our tripods and shooting away. He also offered many great hints such as using a small piece of chamois to wipe rain from lenses rather that just push it around with a lens cloth, the importance of DOF & how to make the best use of it. In all, I learned quite a bit from Jack on his workshops.
I hope to attend another of his workshops in the future. They’re always great.
Salem, Oregon
July 26, 2007
From: Ken R.
Sent: Thursday, November 6, 2007 8:01 AM
To: Jack Graham
Subject: Letter of recommendation
To whom it may concern:
This is a letter of recommendation for Jack Graham as a Photo Workshop Instructor. I have taken a variety of workshops since returning to photography including two from Jack. What sets Jack apart from the other instructors I've had is his "Philosophy on Photography". Not only has Jack taught me the "How Tos" to create a great photograph, but also the "Why's". While continuing to take classes and workshops from other instructors, I have already booked this years major workshop with Mr. Graham.
Best Regards,
Ken R.



With all the valuable information given before the workshop, the locations taken to during the workshop with the ability to change with weather conditions, the useful information given while in the field, and the offer to critique images even after the workshop is over; if there were awards for workshops (like Emmy’s and Oscar’s) yours should be up for nomination as the most complete workshop. ---Ron B, California
This was an excellent workshop experience, on a par with the best of the many workshops I have attended. Jack obviously has thorough knowledge of the locations photographed, and also obviously scouted them out in the days before the workshop to see which areas were best regarding fall foliage, etc. With all the pre-workshop info provided about locations, weather, equipment and gear suggestions, with all the motel and park permit arrangements, and with all the daily personal attention to be sure that each attendee was happy and getting what he/she wanted out of it, it was obvious how much work, care and attention Jack puts into the workshops which bear his name. Highly recommended. I’ll be doing it again. --------------Paul B, MD, Connecticut

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