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Photo Workshops




> NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (Napa, San Francisco, and the Coast)--MARCH 2017 

> EASTERN SIERRA (WITH GUY TAL): OCTOBER, 2017...MASTER CLASS with Guy and Jack Oct 9-11

> 5 Workshops on Whidbey Island, Washington with the PACIFIC NORTHWEST ART SCHOOL

>OREGON COAST (JUNE) AND FALL IN NE OHIO, including a day with the Amish (OCT) with Jack Graham & Bill Fortney, June 2017

> 2 FUJIFILM 'X' PHOTO SUMMITS -- Townsend, TN in April and Portland, OR in September


WHAT'S BEYOND???  We'll be going to GREENLAND, ICELAND  & JAPAN (Hokkaido & Nagano)  in 2018!!!




Photography Workshops in stunning locations such as the Oregon Coast and Columbia River Gorge; Olympic & Mt Rainier National Parks, Whidbey Island and the Palouse region in Washington; Auroras, glaciers, waterfalls and more in Iceland, the Navajo Country and canyons of the Southwest and Monument Valley in Arizona; Fall Color in the Eastern Sierra , Tetons, Smoky MT's, and NE Ohio


PLEASE CLICK HERE to scroll down and view workshop will see what to expect and what is covered both in the field as well as in our discussion/image review sessions. Thank you for your consideration and interest in Jack Graham Photography Workshops.


ALL FORMS FOR REGISTRATION are included on the Workshop pages. Thank You.


2017 marks my 24nd year leading photographic workshops. I take great pride in having a high attendee return rate and also in introducing new folks to remarkable locations to capture amazing images ... all while teaching and sharing my knowledge. We stress simplicity, slowing down and enjoying the moment while training our eyes and minds to "see". We emphasis Finding, Seeing and Capturing in our workshops. Demanding travel and schedules on my part is rewarded with new friends, watching others learn from our experience as a group and seeing some fantastic results due to our time together. Whether individually or in our group events, you'll come away with a lifetime of memories as well as plenty of wonderful captures. Please come join us!
Conducting photography workshops for over 20 years has taught me many things. First and foremost is that in today’s photographical world, dedicated photographers are looking for more than just your average photography workshop. Open any photography magazine and you will see numerous workshops, most quite standard.  Photographers are not only looking to polish their technical skills, but are looking to learn and grow their ability to see and produce images based on developing their personal vision. I strive to inspire others to develop their own style and vision. This is my passion.

Having worked alongside some of the masters such as John Shaw, Galen Rowell, Jack Dykinga, Art Wolfe, my great friend Bill Fortney and many more, I have observed how they went about their business and used this knowledge to formulate my own personal style and routines. My passion is to convey the same to my workshop attendees using today’s tools and trends and communicate my years of knowledge in a simple form to those who attend my workshops. I stress Simplicity, Substance and Style.

From my home base in Puyallup, Washington, I conduct workshops that cover the entire United States as well as International.  Recently I have joined forces with two of my best friends, Bill Fortney and Guy Tal, on a number of co-led workshops. We will cover the map this year from Maine to Southern California. Outside of the U.S., Iceland has been a popular destination for our workshops in both winter and summer.

All workshops are formulated with great forethought and attention to details. I schedule my workshop locations based on time of year. For example, I do not go to Death Valley in July! I do go to the Olympic Peninsula when it's the best time for optimum conditions to produce great images in this area. Other workshop locations follow a similar pattern. In addition, I limit attendee to instructor ratio to no more than 7:1, offering personal attention you are looking for in a workshop. Also, as required by state and national agencies, our workshops are approved beforehand by the appropriate agencies and all necessary permits are obtained.

I, along with my co-leaders and field assistants, share some common traits: We are all dedicated to sharing our years of experience, expertise and our vision we have developed over many years of making images. We are blessed to conduct these workshops in some of the most beautiful areas in the world. This beauty serves as a place where discovery, inspiration and personal photographic growth are nurtured. Over the many years in these locations we have developed the expertise in logistics, itineraries and local amenities to offer you a first class experience.

During our time together, we strive to encourage a pleasant workshop experience working as a group for the common goal. We encourage you to not only enjoy your photographic experience, but to meet new friends with a common passion. Over the years many ongoing friendships began on one of our workshops.

To sum things up, we go to the best locations during the best time of year. When in the field, we are there for you, not us. We are accessible and very eager to share our years of expertise with you. (Our low attendee to instructor ratio makes this possible!) In our image review sessions we will provide concise, informative, honest critique and advice to help you take your photography to the next level.

As workshop attendees you’ll receive our workshop syllabus titled “After the Workshop ... What Now?” This is a complete guide to everything we discuss both in the field and in the classroom …. and more!

Finally, we take our time together very seriously, but as I often say, “This is not the Marines”…. (No disrespect to the great men and women in the Marines!) …. But we are here to learn, be inspired, enjoy each other’s company, visit remarkable locations, see remarkable things and above all have fun.

My goal in every workshop is not only to have you not want to leave, but to exceed your expectations and come back. We are all on a photographic journey no matter what level of photography you may be at.

DOMESTIC WORKSHOPS: Travel, Meals and Accommodations are NOT included in the workshop cost. We will furnish you the hotel(s) where we are staying, but you are not required to stay where we stay. However we will depart every morning from that location unless you are otherwise informed.
FOREIGN WORKSHOPS: Same as Domestic. However we work with travel agencies internationally that you will be directed to obtain travel, meals and accommodations ( in the same locations as we stay, should you want to stay in these locations).All international bookings are done through our travel partners.

Thank you for consideration and interest in our events.

Jack Graham 


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