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ONE on ONE Field & Studio Photography Workshops

  JACK GRAHAM PHOTOGRAPHY   "Photography Classroom in the Field ..."

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ONE on ONE Photography Workshops

Locations and itineries customized to YOUR needs!

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These, one on one “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ photography workshops are a personalized photographic experience that will offer tutorial information regarding all aspects of photography, no matter if you are a beginner or even a professional photographer. All aspects of photography will be covered within this individual photographic workshop. The workshop experience will be customized to the individual based on skill level and the area of most interest or need for improvement.

Before your workshop I will work with you to tailor your day in the field  and to cover the areas you want to improve in the most, whether it is basic instruction, field craft, exposure theory, digital work flow, all of the above, or any other nature photography subject.  I will also ask that you include in an email, an explanation of what you hope to accomplish and what areas you’d like to focus on during your individual workshop. We can then work together to develop a program suited to your needs, ensuring that you get the most out of your day with me.

Fee schedules are found below. I have three fee schedules. The first is for areas within 150 miles of home. Second are for areas further than 150 miles from my home that may require an over night stay, and three, areas that require flying into and out of the specific area.


If I am in a certain location because of a group workshop I am conducting I don’t mind staying extra time and will NOT charge for transportation to and from, as I would already be there.


These are full day(s), plus …… of immersion into photography.  My goal is to answer your questions and provide you with effective solutions, in a hands on setting, to the challenges that you may be facing in photography.

I can guarantee that you will get to the best locations here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and elsewhere throughout the western United States, at the best times, to capture some great images.


A One on One individual workshop consists of three parts:

1) Field work (sunrise to sunset).  Again emphasis on subject matter will be determined by your needs and desires.  
After the workshop you’ll receive a complete 60+ page syllabus containing everything we do in the field and more.

2) Time either in my studio, or at another location to review and critique the day(s) work, and go over some of the fine points of post processing, printing as well as displaying and marketing your work.

You will have your work reviewed, either images we photograph during our time together in the field or ones you might bring with you.  We will cover everything from the artistic aspects of your work (composition, color palette, inspiration, etc.), to the technical aspects of your work (exposure etc.)

During the time of the year that sunset is in late afternoon, we will do our studio work after sunset. When sunsets are later in the day, we’ll schedule some time shortly after the workshop to conduct our in studio part of the workshop. Also, time after the workshop is over is available to go over images, etc if needed.


Please note the three types of workshop locations outlined below



My home studio is located in Puyallup, Washington. I am near the Seattle/Tacoma area and in close proximity to many beautiful locations in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

Some suggested areas within 150 miles from my home include:


  • Seattle Cityscapes & Street Photography
  • Puget Sound Waterscapes, harbors & islands
  • Mt. Rainier
  • Olympic National Park
  • Hood Canal area
  • Mt St. Helens



My studio is equipped with a state of the art computer system, dual monitors and Epson printers. I will demonstrate and explain my workflow etc., using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light room as well as the complete NIK Software package.



The One on One, single day “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP fee is $500. This includes transportation from your location (or a pre selected meeting point) and back. A second day is available at the rate of $450 and a third at $400.

You can use the registration form available in the lower left column, or email me at for a copy and more information if needed. I can also be contacted at 503-625-1430



Locations where I can drive to but require an overnight stay and distances more than 150 miles one way from my home. These locations include the entire states of Washington & Oregon beyond 150 miles of my home such as:

The Oregon Coast; Eastern Oregon including the 3 Sisters area and around Bend; Eastern Washington including the Palouse region; the North Cascades; the Columbia River Gorge; Willamette wine country and Mt. Hood area, etc.




Though I obviously will not have my studio equipment available while out of the area, time will be included to review your work on my laptop computer in a similar fashion as done in my studio.


We will go through workflow and processing as well as image critique using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as well as the complete NIK Software package that is contained on my laptop. 



The One on One, single day “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP fee is $500. This includes transportation from your location (or a pre selected meeting point) and back. A second day is available at the rate of $450 and a third at $400.

My fee to these locations is  based on $0.50 per mile from my home in Puyallup, Washington to and from the location. Upon arrival and during the workshop transportation is included in the daily fee schedule.

FOOD---A 35.00 food allowance is paid by the attendee

LODGING-- Lodging provided by attendee.

If I happen to be in a general area before or after a group workshop I may be conducting, travel fees are waived, as I will be there already.

You can use the registration form available on my web site, or email me at for a copy and more information if needed. I can also be contacted at 503-625-1430



Locations where I can not drive, and traveling by air is required. Yes, I will go anywhere, and have done these individual workshops both domestically as well as internationally.



We will go through workflow and processing as well as image critique using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as well as the complete NIK Software package that is contained on my laptop computer. 





The One on One, single day “PHOTO CLASSROOM in the FIELD”™ PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP fee is $400. A second day is available at the rate of $375 and a third at $350.


The customer is responsible for any air travel required to and from the from SEATAC airport to the agreed destination as well as a $40 per day meal expense and all lodging costs.


If I happen to be in a general area before or after a group workshop I may be conducting, travel fees are waived, as I will be there already. Other costs apply. 


INTERNATIONAL (Iceland, Norway etc)

If I am already in the desired location travel costs are paid by me. If not International Workshops are $650.00 per day for the first day, $600.00 per day for the second and $575.00 per day for each additional day. Travel and lodging expenses are paid by you. Meal allowance is 50.00 per day. My fee for travel days ( driving  or Flying in ) is $200.00 per day.


How to Register

Please use the registration form located in the box on the left side of the page.

Additionally you can email me for more information:




Come join me for a memorable and highly educational immersion into all aspects of photography! Thank you for considering a One on One workshop.


 Jack Graham






You will have the opportunity to received additional discounts on products and software from the following manufacturers when you attend one of my many workshops:

Nik Software, Lensbaby, Think Tank, Singh-Ray filters, Photograph America Newsletter, Hunt’s Photo and more. These can add up to hundreds of dollars of savings. In addition after you attend your first workshop, you’ll always receive an additional 10% discount off ANY future workshop I conduct, be it in a group or individually.




These are just a few referrals. I can put you in contact with these folks as well. More referrals are located at:

From: A, Mary
To: Jack Graham
Subject: RE: Workshop


Hi Jack –


P…r and I feel very fortunate to have had the experience we did with you.  I’m sure it is rare to get such focused personalized attention and I can’t imagine a better way to build a strong foundation.





TO:                         Whom it May Concern

FROM:                   Marty, Chevy Chase, MD

SUBJECT:            Recommendation for Jack Graham


In February 2008, I did a two-day private workshop with professional landscape photographer Jack Graham, who was a terrific instructor. Some key lessons that I learned in working with Jack included:

1.        No matter how tired you are, it's worth getting up 20 minutes earlier and stumbling in the dark with a flashlight so that you are positioned and ready while it's still dark BEFORE the morning light show begins.

2.        Under shooting conditions where the light is changing very rapidly, you are sometimes better off shooting on A, rather than M as I usually shoot, so that you can save a few seconds while still controlling DOF.

3.        In a shot with a deep DOF, when using a small aperture, Jack taught me to focus 1/3 to 1/4 up from the bottom, rather than on the main subject, so that you take account of hyper focal distance and have the whole frame in focus, rather than a focus on just the main subject with a blurry foreground.

4.        There is great value in working with a pro, who "sees" for a living -- Jack kept reminding me to see patterns and lines and to "work the patterns" in my photos, in addition to shooting "grand landscapes."

I learned a LOT working with Jack, and would highly recommend that you attend one of his workshops in the future


Please let me know if you need any additional information.



From: Jackie C [mailto:……]
To: 'Jack Graham'


I have been on several workshops over the last 5 years, and this one was the most helpful for my photography.   Jack was patient and worked with individuals according to their skill level.  ….JC



Hello my name is Greg L.,


I am an amateur photographer who has attended several Jack Graham photo workshops in the last three years. I developed an interest in photography as a young man working in my father’s newspaper business (late ’70). This became work and I lost interest after some years. In 2004 I purchased a digital camera and once again was very excited about shooting. However the digital transformation became confusing and frustrating. So there I was in my early 40’s with a great digital camera, time and resources to pursue my passion. But I was very frustrated with the learning curve. What to do? After reading a few books and taking some online photo courses I begin to gain confidence in my abilities but I was not content. So I looked into photo workshops and came across a workshop scheduled to photograph in the Eastern Sierras. Jack Graham was leading this workshop; I had no idea who Jack Graham was. I looked at his photos on the Internet and liked the area he was offering the workshop in, so I signed up. There are a few times in life were you can look back and pin point a significant change of direction. Meeting Jack Graham and attending his workshop is one of those times for me. It all came together. My photography has grown into a fun and rewarding art form. Due mostly from attending “Jack Graham” workshops and his continued invest of time in the post workshop experience. I owe Jack a great deal; he enabled me to see the passion of photography and took the frustration out of getting there. I still have a lot to learn and I will be attending many more of Jack’s photo outings. I highly recommend them.





Ron S.

Niagara Falls, NY 14304

I had the privilege of attending two of Jack Graham’s workshops in the last couple of years.

I had attended a few other workshops prior to attending Jack Graham’s. His workshops are very well organized. Right from the initial inquiry to the completed workshop, he was always quick to help in any way he could. He sent me a list of items needed or recommended for any type of weather conditions I might expect to encounter. He also sent me a list of equipment that would be helpful to have on his workshop. He never pressured me to purchase any type of equipment, but said he would help me use the equipment I already had. A few attendees had minimal equipment, yet were able to still get great images with his help.

I could go on & on about how great his workshops are. Jack is a great instructor, fun to be around, & takes the time to work with anyone in getting great images. He never just took us to shooting locations & left us alone, but instead, worked with us to get the great images that were there for the taking. I fully intend on doing another one with him in the very near future.



I have attended several of Jack Graham’s workshops. What a great experience.  Jack made his workshops the most memorable and enjoyable workshops I have ever attended. Communication was great from the time I expressed interest in attending right to the end of the workshop. He sent me a list of items he suggested I bring as well as an agenda on what, where and approximate times we would be shooting in various locations. That was great.

We would meet early in the morning for some instructions, and then set out for a day of great shooting & instruction. In the evenings, we would get together to discuss what we did that day. He would also critique the images I shot during that day. What a great learning experience that was.

Jack also encouraged us to bring, to the workshop, a variety of our own images so he could review, critique & offer advice on how our images could be improved. This was very informative and helpful.

We had every kind of weather from heavy rain & cold temperatures to bright sunny skies. Jack even gave everyone large plastic bags to protect our cameras in the rain. Jack did not use the time out in the field to get pictures for himself, but instead made himself available for help in any way we needed as well as advice on how a scene might be shot & the importance of looking around and thinking about what, why and how we would shoot a particular scene instead of just planting our tripods and shooting away. He also offered many great hints such as using a small piece of chamois to wipe rain from lenses rather that just push it around with a lens cloth, the importance of DOF & how to make the best use of it. In all, I learned quite a bit from Jack on his workshops.

I hope to attend another of his workshops in the future. They’re always great.



Salem, Oregon



Staten Island Queens Brooklyn Manhattan Bronx