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Jack Graham E-Book (Series 2)

Jack Graham E-book, Series 2:  In All We See ...
In All We See.................   E-Book Series 2
Series TWO of my E-Book Series encompasses more important steps in making quality photographs. All 5 essays are delivered in PDF format VIA DOWNLOAD upon purchase..
  1. 10 Commandments of Nature Photography: Ten essential steps necessary to create quality images and grow as a photographer.
  2. Seeing & Making Successful Images: I discuss 4 steps, from learning to see, creating images that succeed, and dealing with good days & bad days
  3.  Visual & Technical issues when photographing Sunrises & Sunsets
  4. Creating Mood, Motion and Emotion with water
  5. Using HDR in today's photography

This E-Book concentrates on being a thinking photographer. All the technique in the world is useless if you do not see, think and develop your vision.

Series 2 will get you on a path to learning how to create your vision while learning how to visualize, see and produce quality images. Individual articles on creating emotion using water, proper sunrise & sunset techniques, and HDR photography are included as well.
Please enjoy this image packed E-Book!

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