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I am frequently asked about my equipment. Good equipment gives you the chance to make a good photograph. You must do the rest. I use exclusively FUJI Mirrorless cameras  and FUJINON Lenses. The camera is only the vehicle that captures the image. Our eyes see what the camera captures. Having the best gear without the vision is useless. It is important to develop your personal vision and only then worry about acquiring top rated gear. I always remember how I felt when I was asked if my camera takes good pictures, or when someone said that I must own an expensive lens! 



CAMERA BODIES:   XT-1 , XE-2 , X-T10  (Battery Grip on the XT-1)

LENSES: All  Fuji .. XF14mm F2.8 R  /   XF35mmF2 IS WR  /  XF18-55mm F2.4-4 R LM OIS / 

XF16-55mm F 2.8 R LM WR  /   XF18-135mm F3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR  /  XF 50-140 F 2.8 R LM OIS WR 

XF90mm F 2.0 R LM WR  /  XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR

 XF60mm F2.4  Macro ( with extension tubes by Fujinon)   /  XF55-200 F.3.5-4.8 R LM OIS 

XF 1.4X TC WR   1.4      XF 2X TC WR --both teleconverters

NIKON MACRO LENS  using adaptor for the Fuji X  Camera:  Nikon 200.f4 Macro



Are you like me … a member of the “Bag of the Month Club”? I hope not. I’ve been through so many camera bags it’s not even funny anymore. I have now settled on what I’ve found to be the best bags available. They are made by GURA GEAR, located in Logan, Utah.
 GURA GEAR is NOW TAMRAC!!!!!   This is not good news as far as  I am concerned.
WHY GURA GEAR?  Back in February 2013 at the North American Nature Photographers Summit in Jacksonville I came face to face with these products I have heard so much about from some of my fellow pro photographers. Like me, they tend to not be kind on camera bags, based on where we travel.  I had a conversation with Art Wolfe about these products and in a minute he was selling me on them. Well, if it’s good enough for Art (from my point of view the best photographer alive!) it’s good enough for me.  Are they the cheapest bags on the market? Far from it. However, like my tripods and ball heads, I believe in getting the best I can afford as it’s a saving to do so in the long term.
Now the BAD news. The TAMRAC Camera bags are totally redesigned using the decent material, zippers etc. They fit my mirror less equipment perfectly. The problem is I am spoiled. These bags are not the OLD GUYA GEAR quality. The "new" Gura Gear design and build is not as good as the older bags. Luckily I have 3-4 old Gura Gear Bags the I'll keep using. For a limited time, what's left over in the "old Gura Gear Line" can be found only through  The older  bags are of course discontinued but are still around for sale while supplies last, ( call OUTDOORPHOTOGEAR.COM---they may have a few left) 
My current Gura Gear bags are the Bataflae 18L and the KIBOKO 22L  In it I currently have my long Nikon Glass,, 6 Singh Ray Filters and holder, two polarizers, a Hoodman, extra batteries, remote radio controlled shutter release, 5 landscape lenses and more. My older bag, which was made by one of their competitors, wasn’t deep enough for my needs. Both packs are comfortable on long treks and is great in the rain. There are 2 good sized pockets on the top where I store more accessories and protection (and some food as well!)  The Bateflae it’s only 4.2 lbs., which is essential for international travel.They make many other cool products. Please give them a close look. You will not be disappointed as long as the inventory is around. I suspect not long.
I also love the MIND SHIPT bags by THINK TANK. The FIRST LIGHT 30 & 40L bags are superb.  They make a Filter Hive and Filter nest as well that hold my Graduated ND's.



I use exclusively SINGH-RAY Filters. Simply put--they ARE the best and the choice of most working professionals. Tell them Jack sent you!


Singh-Ray Warming-Polarizer
Singh-Ray 2 & stop graduated & 3 stop hard Graduated ND Filters
Singh Ray 3 stop Reverse Graduated ND Filter
Singh-Ray 8 stop Vari Pol. Filter
Singh Ray 10 & 15 stop MOR-SLO ND Filters for long exposures

AND ...
Nikon Circular Polarizers and Lens Hoods for all Lenses
Nikon Remote Releases 



AS YOU KNOW THIS IS IMPERATIVE. I use the Picture Porter 35. It allows me to view RAW images (+ all other formats) that I have backed up. I also can copy directly from a USB drive if I need to. It is really easy to import to a second backup hard drive when I get home. I can also rename or move images around in my folders easily. Add that to a 90sec/GB copy speed ... this is a winner!



MACRO  I will at times use a Nikon 5T or 6T or Canon 500D Dioptors to gain closer magnification.   I also focusing rails made by The really Right Stuff


Are you looking for that special photo accessory that your local camera store (or even the big name catalog guys) don't carry?????......--LOOK NO MORE...Without question.....Outdoor Photo Gear  offers these type of products as well as a wide selection of quality photo gear at great prices, while giving you the very best customer service you will find anywhere--online or in person.

 outdoor photo gearCLICK ON THE BANNER TO START SHOPPING!!!!!!

At Outdoor Photo Gear, the employees ( from the owner on down!)  works right next to the products they sell.  Their  shelves are fully stocked. These folks can, either by email or personally on the phone...provide you information with our products in hand, so you can get answers to your most important questions. When you call or email  they can let you know about inventory status which may be crucial when delivery of a time-sensitive order is critical. At OUTDOOR PHOTO GEAR,they personally pick, pack, and ship the products to your door; according to your specifications.  As photographers, these folks actually use what they sell.  The bottom lines is ... these folks "get it"! 


I recommend a good quality, tripod and ball head. I currently am using the BH55 from The Really Right Stuff®  I also use their focusing rails when shooting macro.



 PRINTING-----   MAGNA CHROME ( in Concord, CA is without a doubt to leader in metal( aluminum prints) As well the offer some unique framing options. These folks really know how to print on metal. I totally trust them to fine tune images as needed as well. Its also great to be able to actually talk to the person printing your image in real time.---You won't be disappointed.

When shooting from my vehicle I always use the Window Mount with my BH55. from KIRK PHOTO 




"There are two kinds of tripods, ones that are easy to carry, and good ones"  ... Bill Fortney, Nikon USA

I use a tripod virtually all of the time when photographing  the landscape. Handheld shots, when not using flash are few. My main tripod is a  Really Right Stuff TVS Versa 33 carbon fiber tripod along with aTA-3-LB  leveling base which greatly aids in making photographing panoramas.

NOTE: If your tripod does not accept the TA-3-LB you can accomplish the same thing by buying the PCL-1 from the really Right Stuff . This plate accepts the PCL-DVTL which mounts on the leveling plate. The plate is essentially an Arca Swiss plate that will fit into any ball head accepting Arca Swiss plates. The PCL-1 eliminates lots of steps in leveling your camera in order to make quality panorama images. For lots of info on making panorama images pleases read my article on Panorama Photography


Photoflex® LiteDisc diffusers & reflectors (various sizes) 

Walt Anderson Better Beamer Flash Extender 


2 chamois,  Lens cleaning cloths,  Large bubble dust blower, Sensor cleaning material
Leatherman™, Small screwdrivers, Toothbrush, Insect repellent, Small first aid kit



(Details of my image processing workflow are found in my current E-Book; Series 1 -- for sale on this website)


I currently am using the following software:

Latest versions of Adobe Photoshop  & Lightroom CC

NIK SOFTWARE ( VIVEZA 2.0, Define2.0, Sharpener Pro 3.0, Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex Pro 2.0 for B & W conversion)

TOPAZ --Noise Reduection

ON ONE--some of their programs especially perfect Resize for resizing to bigger prints.

I use Breeze Browser Pro to do my initial sort and edit, then move into Bridge or Lightroom for more editing as well as Camera Raw conversion.

Eye One Display2 from X-rite monitor calibration systems are used to calibrate my 2 monitors.

Epson Printers along with either Ilford Gold Fiber Silk  or Epson Fine Art Matte Paper are used for printing, though I actually do little printing myself.


Staten Island Queens Brooklyn Manhattan Bronx