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2014 Photography Workshop Schedule

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Photography Workshops in stunning locations such as the Iceland, Eastern Sierra and Death Valley, California; the Sonoran Desert and Monument Valley in Arizona; the Oregon Coast and Columbia River Gorge; Olympic National Park and Whidbey Island in Washington; Wyoming; Utah, and many more.
Join me in 2014 for one or more of these informative and fun workshops. 
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 …….This was my first trip with Jack, all I can say it was a GREAT trip! Jack is a fantastic, patient instructor. He provides some great insight to more seasoned photographer and yet he can breakdown photography basics making the concept easy for a beginning photographer to understand. Jack is there to help his students, he is not off shooting on his own. I would highly recommend going out with Jack on one of his workshops.
David B.,  Glendora, California

 "With all the valuable information given before the workshop, the locations taken to during the workshop with the ability to change with weather conditions, the useful information given while in the field, and the offer to critique images even after the workshop is over; if there were awards for workshops (like Emmy’s and Oscar’s) yours should be up for nomination as the most complete workshop."    
Ron B., California

"I considered myself a serious photographer and had attended a few workshops provided by others before I attended my first Jack Graham workshop. However, it was Jack who finally got through to me and inspired me to change much of how I go about making images. It was not until I attended a Jack Graham workshop that I began to employ many of the methods of a serious photographer. In addition to the great teaching he provides at his workshops, the post-workshop support he provides is like no other I have seen." 
Kent K.,  Mesa, Arizona

My photography workshops are designed for the nature and outdoor photographer, no matter what level. In 2014 I am entering my 20th year conducting workshops throughout the United States. My workshops give you, the photographer, more time in the field to work on your photography while interacting with nature.
We don't stop and photograph, get back into our cars and drive to another spot ... then spot after spot. My itineraries are designed to take weather, light conditions and the best photographic opportunities into consideration. You can expect to be out at sunrise, unless the weather is prohibitive, then continue through sunset, taking advantage of the day's golden hours. We usually take a rest for lunch and image review, etc., sometime around midday when the light is harsh, and recharge ourselves for the balance of the day. We also take time during our workshop for informal classroom sessions to further critique our images and discuss important photographic topics.
I take everybody's styles, levels and expectations into account and provide my total attention and service to your needs. My goal is that by the end of our workshop you will come away knowing your photography has moved to a higher level (along with some great images!)
My groups are small, usually around 7-9 attendees. This makes quick changes in itineraries -- and even more important ... lots of personal attention -- easier. Larger workshops (13-15 attendees), such as the Eastern Sierra in October, are augmented by noteworthy workshop leaders such as  Bill Fortney & Guy Tal.
Without exception, I am well versed in the locations and logistics of each workshop location. I do not conduct workshops where I do not know the lay of the land, backwards and forwards. This is important in order to make the best use of our field time and get you to the right place at the right time, to insure the successful photographic opportunities each location provides.
I am a full time photographer and workshop leader. Along with many established and well known workshop leaders, every month I see names of folks new to the workshop business advertising in publications. I have been in the photographic workshop business for over 20 years. I have had attendees become close friends. I even have attendees meet each other and continue their friendship long after the workshops are over. My workshop return customer rate is about 27%. I take great pride in that.
My itineraries are very often copied (more than you would think!) I also take pride in knowing other workshops know a good thing when they see it. Some workshops offer lower prices than I do. My answer to that is quite simple -- I do my homework, have vast knowledge of the areas I choose, scout these areas prior to the workshops and use top guides and assistants when necessary. I provide an exceptional value to my clients.
The old adage, "You usually get what you pay for" has never been more true. My references (available on request as well as a few on this website) are from some of my satisfied customers over the years. Simply put, I am a photographer, a workshop leader that loves to teach and watch my attendees and friends develop their photographic skills. When I review images with past workshop attendees over the years, long after our workshop experience, it really makes me feel good to know I helped.

Additionally, I am trained and current in Wilderness First Aid (WFA) by the American Red Cross.
Please consider joining us on a workshop. I guarantee, you will NOT be disappointed..... and feel the marvel, the miracle and wonder of it all in nature.

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